MSI BluMark Frame Based Forensic Video Watermarking Technology Supports OTT Server Side Ad Insertion

Media Science International’s frame based video watermarking technology BluMark is now available for integration to support OTT server side and broadcast dynamic ad insertion triggering. Leveraging MSI’s real-time* automated forensic payload insertion and detection, BluMark empowers broadcasters of all sizes to integrate flexible session and carrier based watermark embedding and decode triggered ad insertion workflows in to existing broadcast traffic systems with ease.

The Challenge:

Traditional ad insertion was left to major broadcasters with complicated custom software and hardware and considerable integration effort of which many still required a manual component should the system’s automated capabilities cease to properly trigger. As such, audio and video watermarking was commonly looked at to aide in filling this void with a reliable, automated solution, however this is not always the case as modern forensic technologies required a considerable length of time to insert, and several seconds to minutes to decode and are limited to reading a complete pass from the head end of a watermark in order to detect.

The Solution:

Media Science, recognizing the limitations in forensic video watermarking developed BluMark frame based forensic video watermarking system. A light weight, simple to integrate, cost effective ad insertion triggering solution suitable for nearly any new and existing workflow. BluMark’s patented frame based watermarking engine provides 2D Intelligent Payloads insertion allowing for session or carrier based forensic watermarking in real-time* making it suitable for Live / Sports, Streaming, OTT, and OnDemand advertisement insertion and monitoring. BluMark’s real-time decoder SDK enables frame by frame payload decode with programmatic access to nearly any ad insertion solution, supporting customizable targeted and personalized workflows.

BluMark Real-Time, Forensic Video Watermarking and Detection:

• Unrivaled payload detection, automated blind decode detectable < 1 second.

• 2D Intelligent Payloads insertion supporting real-time session and carrier based

forensic video watermarking.

• Customizable payload options enable broadcasters to trigger complex, custom ad

insertion workflows.

• Robust and Reliable, imperceptible payloads distributed across each frame to

assure payload survival after text, cropping, transcoding, and overlays.

• Support for all content lengths and types, including short form animated content.

• Ultra light-weight API, SDK, and Docker applications allow seamless integration in

to nearly any existing workflow without a massive deployment effort and specialized


* < 7ms / frame

For more information or to setup a demonstration please contact Michael Gamble / 818-444-4763 / BluMark Watermarking